Austin Engagement Photographer - Karey & Jamie

Karey & Jamie met a little over a year ago and fell in love at a music festival. On the way to the festival Jamie told her best friend "I think I'm destined to meet my husband here" and she did! Last year Karey, who works on the video team at a local church, planned a big production of a proposal to Jamie and it was like something out of a movie (see the video here). These two are perfect for each other; they're both creative, fashionable and excitable. They are such a joy to be around and their love for one another is beautiful. They are special to me because they are family! Karey is my boyfriend Kalen's brother. I'm so happy that he found Jamie and that I've been there to witness their journey into marriage. 

Jamie & Karey Engagement_0150.jpg
Jamie & Karey Engagement_0234.jpg
Jamie and Karey Engagement Dec_0172.jpg
Jamie and Karey Engagement Dec_0175.jpg
Jamie and Karey Engagement Dec_0243.jpg
Jamie and Karey Engagement Dec_0293.jpg

The Woodlands East Shore Engagement - Brianne and Michael

When I found out that Bri got engaged I was very excited to photograph her and her fiancé Michael. I've known Bri for over 10 years, she was my childhood babysitter, and we have a lot of silly memories together. So I traveled back home for this lovely sunrise engagement session. The lighting was soft and gorgeous and now I'm determined to get better at waking up early. 

Bri and Michael Engagement_0042.jpg
Bri and Michael Engagement_0353.jpg