Houston Maternity Photographer | Stacey and Michael - Galveston Beach Sunset Session

Back in the spring when Stacey found out she was pregnant, I photographed a pregnancy announcement for her and her husband Michael. Now that she's further along and actually showing she wanted some maternity photos with her cute belly. We thought that East Beach at sunset would be the perfect setting and it was a great choice. Just a few more weeks and their baby boy will be here!

Stacey Maternity_0057.jpg
Stacey Maternity_0187.jpg

Hermann Park Pregnancy Announcement - Stacey and Michael

Stacey is my best friend's best friend, so by association she's basically my best friend too. When Stacey told me she was pregnant, I was excited for this new chapter in her life and I really wanted to give her and Michael special photos that would help them remember this time and cherish it. First of all, the love between Stacey and Michael is immediately apparent by the way they interact with each other. Their love is enough to make them wonderful parents but they've also had practice with their first baby, their dog Bella. I look forward to shooting more maternity photos later as Stacey progresses in her pregnancy! And I can't wait to see their little family grow :)

Stacey and Michael Pregnancy Announcement_0111.jpg
Stacey and Michael Pregnancy Announcement_0345.jpg
Stacey and Michael Pregnancy Announcement_0435.jpg

Austin Maternity Photographers - Jolene & Derek

Jolene and Derek are a super cool couple that just moved to Austin about a month ago from California. The couple is expecting their first child, which will be born in Austin. Jolene wanted some photos to document her pregnancy but wanted to stray away from the creepy photos that usually result from maternity shoots. The couple wanted a photo in front of the iconic "Greetings from Austin" mural to signify the baby's birthplace. Jolene also wanted some photos that represent the hawaiian tradition of standing near (or in) the water while wearing a sarong. So I took them to a beautiful spot, a favorite of mine, on Town Lake where the entire skyline can be seen.

It was my first time taking maternity photos and it was a different but interesting experience! The couple's laid-back attitude and comfortability (we had several spectators wondering why a pregnant lady was climbing over the ledge into the water) helped the shoot go smoothly.