Summer Travel Photography - Mexico

Lately my wanderlust has been getting out of control. I'll find myself randomly browsing airbnb, thinking of possible trips I could plan. It's probably because I follow far too many people on instagram who live in more scenic and mountainous states. I had been craving a change of scenery to take photos in. Luckily my family goes on vacation every summer and this year we had planned to go to Mexico. So I packed my camera and three lenses into my awesome leather ONA bag (pictured below) and I was determined to make photos during my trip. It was exactly what I needed. Our phones were turned off, we had no access to internet, we ate chili and limon on everything, we had dinner by the ocean, and we swam every single day. We completely enjoyed ourselves. Although I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped to (it was difficult with wanting to be extra careful not to get my gear wet) I was very happy to shoot in a different setting than normal. I still feel the need to travel more though :)

Mexico Vacation_0285.jpg