Austin Senior Portrait Photographer | Lauren - University of Texas

My friend Lauren stopped in Austin for a few days on her way to move to Los Angeles. While here she wanted to snap some senior portraits in iconic Austin locations to commemorate her time as an undergrad in this wonderful city. Lauren is a super sweet, fun and driven person chasing after an LA dream. During our session she started feeding a campus squirrel and the squirrels are so used to this that they will get really close and grab the food straight from your hands. They even pose for photos sometimes. Talking with Lauren about her future plans inspired me and made me feel proud of her and all our fellow alumni. Every senior or recent graduate I've talked with has big aspirations for themselves and the ambition to make it happen. That's why I love senior portrait sessions at my alma mater.

Austin Senior Portrait Photographer | Brittany & Kim - University of Texas

Brittany and Kim were an absolute joy to work with; they have great style and they had lots of creative ideas to inject their personalities (and friendship) into their senior portraits. This May they are graduating from the UT School of Nursing. In true Texas Nursing student fashion, Brittany and Kim showed up to the session with their cowboy boots, class rings, and stethoscopes ready. I love it when portraits are a real representation of someone's story and when the clients are an integral part of that process. I've known Brittany for a few years now because I used to work with her fiancé Samuel. I met Kim when Samuel proposed. (You can see Brittany and Samuel's engagement photos here.) It was awesome to get to work with them again because they are both such friendly and hardworking ladies. I wish them the best of luck after graduation (lord knows we all need it)!

Brittany and Kim Senior Photos_0082.jpg
Brittany and Kim Senior Photos_0052.jpg
Brittany and Kim Senior Photos_0132.jpg
Brittany and Kim Senior Photos_0374.jpg
We attempted portraits with glitter but it ended up just looking like dust.

We attempted portraits with glitter but it ended up just looking like dust.